Philippa Snell

Wild Arts

+44 7929 050373

Philippa is an artist and educator working with natural materials in wild spaces based in the South East of England. Philippa uses visual art, woodland crafts, performance, music, ceremony, foraging and wild cooking to create transformational experiences. She enjoys working with adults and children of all ages and abilities and is inspired by myth, rites of passage and the healing wisdom that comes from connecting with nature.

Links to organisations connected to forest school and outdoor learning:

Forest School Education (Formerly Archimedes training) are the main training body for Forest School in the UK and their website is full of information about Forest School, including research and case studies.

A research study commissioned by the Forest Commission and New Economics foundation on the impact of Forest School on children and families entitled

Project Wild Thing - if you still need any convincing that young people need to spend more time outdoors, watch David Bond's timely and moving film. The website is also full of ideas for things to do outside.

Links to some of the inspirational people I have worked with recently:

Patrick Harrison is an inspiring Forest School trainer, artist and teacher of woodland crafts such as roundhouse building. His company is called Greenbow.

Grace Gelder is a talented photographer who specialises in empowering photos that bring out wild beauty.

Philippa is very proud to be on the Education Committee for the Abram WIlson Foundation. Abram was a hugely talented jazz musician and educator and his legacy lives on in through the incredible work that Jennie Cashman-Wilson is doing. 

Tiu De Haan is a facilitator, celebrant, singer and cultural researcher. She is also a collaborator and major inspiration for the Women of the Woods programme.