Philippa Snell

Wild Arts

+44 7929 050373

Philippa is an artist and educator working with natural materials in wild spaces based in the South East of England. Philippa uses visual art, woodland crafts, performance, music, ceremony, foraging and wild cooking to create transformational experiences. She enjoys working with adults and children of all ages and abilities and is inspired by myth, rites of passage and the healing wisdom that comes from connecting with nature.


Can you imagine a play in which the props, costumes, scenery, lighting and even music are all created out of materials found in the woods? All of this is possible...

Philippa has been exploring the possibilities of bringing theatre into the woods since 2013. She has made giant spider puppets, dragons with flapping wings, musical instruments and much more. Philippa is passionate about working with young people in a sustainable, imaginative way and believes that woodlands are a natural performance space, inviting stories that need to be told in three dimensions.

Philippa ran a pilot Forest School Theatre 2 day workshop on the 7-8th August  in The National Trust's Headley Heath wood, Dorking (see flyer below). Philippa, along with professional clown Anna Tobert led two days of wild games, improvisation, making and a performance of a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream at the end. The response from children and parents was fantastic and we are excited about any opportunities to bring this experience to more people. Philippa can run a WIld Arts Theatre workshop for school groups of up to 30 children in woodland settings, a local park or school grounds and can tailor the workshop to fit with any particular text your class may be working on. Please contact me if you would like a Wild Arts Theatre experience for your school. 

The kids loved "everything" but especially the improv when they created a mining story. The kids especially enjoyed both of your enthusiasm and energy. They felt comfortable and relaxed straight away and this was down to the confidence, playfulness and adventure that exuded from you both.  The performance was great- the girls have shown interest in learning more Shakespeare since!

Daneille, South London