Philippa Snell

Wild Arts

+44 7929 050373

Philippa is an artist and educator working with natural materials in wild spaces based in the South East of England. Philippa uses visual art, woodland crafts, performance, music, ceremony, foraging and wild cooking to create transformational experiences. She enjoys working with adults and children of all ages and abilities and is inspired by myth, rites of passage and the healing wisdom that comes from connecting with nature.


Philippa runs awesome creative workshops for children and adults using natural materials, stories and ceremony to explore the wildest realms of the imagination. Philippa has an eclectic range of skills to draw upon and enjoys creating workshops that allow the participants to follow their curiosity, feel good about their creations and connected to the natural world. Activities include:  

mud sculptures, lantern-making, structure-building, willow-sculptures, giant puppet-making, ground art, campfire cooking (and gourmet feasting!), group harmony singing, whittling, furniture-making, wild instrument-making, bushcraft, plant identification, foraging, mindfulness, drama and ritual.

"I have been telling all the parents at our school about the Wimbledon Common workshop. I have to say, it is the best and most imaginative art workshop we have attended (and we have been to quite a few!) To transform a part of Wimbledon Common into the children's own personal world, to customise it with their art and to do it on such a scale - that gigantic spider and web - was quite magical. I loved the fact the art was so adventurous and imaginative. Alfred was totally absorbed by it. The fact the weather was so kind was just an added bonus"

Gabrielle, London

Philippa can run bespoke workshops for schools, groups and individuals in your own location or in one of the woodland locations I have access to in Sussex and Surrey. Contact me to design the perfect workshop for your client group! Worried about the weather? Philippa can provide shelter in the form of huge tarpaulins that can even be places over a camp-fire (and are very cosy to sit under!).